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Dealing with EDNOS Eating Disorder

A lot of people today are suffering from different types of eating disorders. Some people tend to overeat while some people tend to not eat at all. Now, in reality, this can be a problem considering the reality that both eating too much and not eating enough are both considered signs of malnutrition.

However, the scope of eating disorders is a bit wide. In fact, EDNOS eating disorder is the type of condition that is not falling under the category of bulimia, binge eating, and anorexia. In reality, there are people who could show different symptoms of different conditions. What it EDNOS disorder however shows is that it is typically extreme atypical eating behavior. The reality is that EDNOS eating disorder is prevalent in adults. Around 60% of adults with eating disorders are known for having EDNOS.

How to approach EDNOS Eating Disorder?

So how do you approach this condition if you have one? First, you have to understand that you will need to get assessed by a health professional. Typically, a health professional would take a closer look at the immediate physiologic problems that could appear along the way. For those suffering from EDNOS eating disorder, it could range from being overweight to being underweight.

Once the physiologic condition has been addressed, it is important to know exactly what caused the problem. There are individuals that have self-esteem problems which is why they have developed a bad eating habit. On the other hand, there are also those individuals who live in a home with family members that have developed a bad eating habit as well.

Most people who are diagnosed with EDNOS should first take a closer look at the root cause of the problem. Next, it is a must that the patient should be talking to his or her physician in order to monitor overall health. Keep in mind that eating behaviors can be changed. However, this could take some time. Instead of doing drastic changes, a lot of people tend to do it slowly.

For some people, eating disorders is a result of stress. And if a person is coping with food in order to alleviate stress, it is a good idea to turn to other healthy alternatives. For instance, why not do some exercise in order to increase endorphin levels and to stop them from eating in an unhealthy manner.

Parents Dealing with Children with EDNOS

It is also quite common that parents tend to deal with children that have EDNOS eating disorder. Young adults and children are vulnerable to developing this condition mainly because of self-esteem issues. Once a parent notices weird eating habits of a child, it is a must that he or she consult a medical professional. The earlier the condition is solved, the better it is.

And also, there should be an active role in the house to monitor the eating habits of the child who is diagnosed with this particular condition. There should also be the presence of healthy foods and promotion of healthy eating habits within the home in order to prevent these problems from taking place.

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